Makin’ Bacon

I love how Lord Cru went balls out with his last post. I had that picture of “someone” making out while dancing and talking on a cell phone at the same time (that’s what we call multi tasking) in my hands for awhile, but that “someone” told me to keep said picture on the downlow. I’m super glad the panties were removed so the world at large could come together and enjoy the greatness of the moment with the rest of us that were there to witness the great occasion.

Anyway, another Wednesday is in the basket. There was some thrift store action after work, and it’s that time of year where they put all the Halloween costumes out! I didn’t have much cash on me, so I didn’t look too close or else I would have gotten too excited and been sad when I couldn’t buy anything. I did notice a bunch of dog costumes though. You all know what that means! I did manage to pick up a bitchin’ pair of sunglasses, and do I have to say that I feel great about the purchase?

From there I went home, cracked open a Tilt, partied with Ms. Pac a little, and just generally wore my new sunglasses. I bet Tim felt really great because he got to see me wearing them. Needless to say, it’s a sight to behold. We went over to the skateshop (again), Tim set up a new board (again), and I got another sandwich (again). After eating/skate video time, I threw together a wicked playlist and it was time to head over to Cream City for old dude night.

The session started off a bit slow, but as soon as I put the new playlist on it seemed to spark everyone off. I think. Perhaps everyone hated it, but Tim and I had to agree that it was great. A lot of good moves were executed, and The Captain was going off like usual with wacky treats like a stalefish to lipslide down the handrail. Op Ivy came on (Donger and JTMR’s song), and I got so pumped that I tried to do a pre-grab backside 360 down the big 2 for awhile. It was obvious that it wasn’t going to happen, but with my excitement I think I set off a big session of goofy tricks down the big 2 that even Uncle Aaron got in on. Gotta love seeing Uncle in there! It was so heated that Tim broke his brand new board that he only got hours before and hadn’t even paid for yet. Everyone have a moment of silence for the Puss Beard. Old Dude Night is quickly becoming one of the best nights of the week, trailing closely behind MP Dance Party Night. I’ve said it 86 times before, but if you’re not kicking it with the old dudes, you’re really missing out.

On the way home I stopped and got some Party Burgers bringing my sandwich count for the day up to four. Didn’t I mention yesterday that that was my goal? Man, I work fast.

Photo of the day #4

Day four of group photo week. This one comes from a Sunday trip to Chicago in May. I love how uncomfortable Pizzy looks squeezed four men deep in the back of my Accord, yet everyone else is just going with the flow.

This was yet another Beez 3 filming trip, and while I think we got rained out, a lot of shit got done. This was also the same trip where The Captain saw someone on a Segway rolling down the sidewalk and pointed at them and was saying “HAHA LOOK AT THAT!!!” Obviously it was a cop and he was pissed, so we just broke out of there as fast as we could. We ended up losing Mini Bee for awhile, but everything was cool because we found him a bit later. Good thing too, because later on I got him on tape doing a slip foot to manual slip foot out on the three stair manny pad at the church downtown. It was a good trip.