Homosexuality is a bourgeois luxury

It may have always been the case, but apparently the verdict is in from party headquarters: we’re faggy. It’s not too pc to mention such things in that manner, but when the hammer falls you go with it. In a late night photo sorting session I came upon some real gems. I might release some of the goods at a later date, or perhaps not. In any event, I bet I have over $40 worth of blackmail pics.

Last Friday Mr. Twister, Stemper and I went to the famed Journal Sentinel Sport Show. We were looking for information on Canadian rest stop tours..er..Canadian Fly-In outposts for a fishing trip set to take place in 2008. Overall it was pretty wild, here’s how we got the hype up…

That weird pond looking thing is the popular sport show trout stream. How does it work? One pays a small fee and you get 7 minutes to catch as many trout as you can. If you get one, a guy comes over, breaks the thing’s neck and bags it for you. Then you get to walk around the show with a bloody bag of trout. Pretty rad, huh? The Guy next to Stemper in the red was out of his mind. Not only did he tell us that he “wasn’t even drinking”, but in addition he kept insisting that the record for number of trout caught in 7 minutes was 14. We called him out on it claiming there was no way that was even possible. “That’s like 2 every minute!” we proclaimed. Turns out the record is 23 in 7 minutes.

After the sport show it was off the usual, where my roommate proved that he definitely isn’t “faggy”.

As for the rest of the weekend, who knows. There was talk of honey and pabst, and a trip to Chicago to count the number of green bearded fuckfaces on Michigan. I love the general.