“So Many Flavors In My Mouth”

Josh and I have been talking about having a contest of sorts. We wanted to have you boners submit edited videos of yourselves sucking at skateboarding and we were going to put together a panel of judges to rate your performances and award prizes. However, there would have been some rules that you tards would have had to follow.

1.) No handrails or stairs. That’s right kiddies, you may actually have had to think creatively for once and skate something different.

2.) The video couldn’t be more than a minute long. So you would have to make every move count.

3.) No music by any bands that have already been in another video. If you used any song by any band that has been in another video, you would have been immediately disqualified (and you couldn’t trick us, we are the ultimate skate nerds).

4.) No white belts. A simple rule, very easy to follow.

Those would have been the rules. The winner would have won a good prize and had his or her video posted on the site for everyone to laugh at. Could have been fun, but we’re too lazy. Oh well.