Russian Tongue Kiss

It’s Halloween, so let’s get on with it…

The Weekend
Last Friday: Loft party.

On the left we have Mike and Silverman going as Double Dragon. Did anyone guess what they were the entire night? Probably not. Genius costume, regardless. On the right is Trikki as fourteen year old Trikki and Lord Cru as Dead John Mayer. His body is a wonderland.

Saturday: As everyone knows Tim is not a man out on the town. We tried to get him wasted enough on his drink of choice, Seagram’s Watermelon Margarita Wine Coolers, but it had the opposite effect of turning him into the exact demographic wine coolers are marketed to…cat ladies who sit at home on Saturday nights. Check it:

So while he sat at home and watched HGTV all night, Gabe and I took it to the douchiest bars that ever douched.

As you can see, he went as a bunny that drinks White Russians. He even made a new friend…let’s take a closer look:

As for me, both nights I went as Alabaster Highcone. He’s a man who wears size seven women’s tapered jeans and his balls hurt the entire next day. A man who LOVES David Lee Roth, but not in that way. A man who wears half shirts, Oakleys, imitation Jordans, and Zubaz. He’s a man that the world doesn’t understand anymore, an extinct breed.

On the left is Alabaster with Skateboard P wearing the best California Raisins costume ever created and Juniper as a victim from the Birds. On the right is Alabaster posing with BeeBee as, keep guessing, a bee!

I talked about great horror movies a little bit yesterday, and as fate would have it, I had a hankering to go over to the neighborhood Walmart. As we were wandering the store, I spied a horror movie POS display and all of the Friday the 13th movies were on sale for $4.88 each. I picked some of those up, and me and Tim wasted the night away watching Crispin do the greatest dance the world has ever seen. If that’s not proof enough that Crispin is a genius, here’s an unrelated Crispin clip.

Old Dudes
Tomorrow, as always, is Old Dude Night at your friendly neighborhood Cream City. 25% off entry fee if you’re older than 25 years old. Don’t front. Gabe said he’s coming up, so maybe you can ask him to introduce you to his new friend.

Photo of the day #32

Today’s photo of the day isn’t actually a photo I took, but a found object. I found this slide in an abandoned building and the instant I looked at it, I saw the creepy red face staring back. I know it doesn’t really jump out in the scan, but it’s actually way easier to see on the actual slide. If you think about it, what are the odds that a slide left to the elements would deteriorate in such a way as for a face to show up on it? Either way…spoooookyyyyyy…

Happy Hallows!