The Worst Dude In Milwaukee

As loyal readers of the site, I’m sure you know our love for beer and brats. Not in that order, sometimes alone, sometimes mixed, but regardless…we love ’em. Tim had off yesterday, so we decided to fire up a few links and watch some Myth Busters. This project entailed a trip to the dreaded grocery store. The dread is not unreasonable…

You see, in any normal grocery store, you would think they would keep the brats near all of the other meat products. This makes sense, no? Well apparently not at the store I chose to shop at. I browsed the meat zone for what felt like hours, my bratless rage growing each and every moment. At the point where I felt like my brain could take no more, something strange happened. Over the intercom of the store a strange voice spoke. It was very loud, and it was speaking at about 10% of a normal rate. That’s when I no longer knew if I was experiencing reality or a nightmare. I went to the butcher and asked her where the brats were. She simply shrugged her shoulders and made some sort of grunting sound. The slow motion tape played on. I don’t have much of a temper, but I think I actually had a little rage brewing inside of me. I took one final chance and walked to the total opposite end of the store near the pizzas, and behold! Beer brats! Victory never tasted so meaty.

Perhaps I’ll leave out the part where it somehow started raining extremely hard when I was in the store and I had left my car windows open. It kind of sullies the meaty triumph. I hope you can take this as a feel good story of never giving up, the underdog winning it all in the end. After all, those are the best kind of stories.

Enough brat talk, I’ve got something new: 3 dudes and a bail!

How strange. Mr. Twister and beer. I should also mention that this was totally taken at a brat party. Literally and figuratively. On the right is Vance and his short lived mustache growing attempt. He should have kept on with it.

Wolf! Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!

Finally, the bail. Pizzy actually took this photo with my camera. I was on the video camera. Ben went for this ollie at least four times, and put it down every time. I’m not sure if he had a mustache or not at the time. Final try his board broke, and that was it.