On the Western Front….

So I’m sure Dom thinks he dropped some sort of H-Bomb of homosexual proportions on the Triumvirate yesterday. Funny, because he is hugely mistaken. The “compromising” image he posted is trumped and negated by the simplest of the “It’s not gay if…” rules. I.E. “It’s not gay if you’ve known them for longer than a year”. Simple as that. Rule #1 of the handbook….not even any need to dig any deeper. But if you are so inclined there’s about twenty other rules protecting the sanctity of the situation such as “It’s not gay if you’re playing a pink bootleg Game Boy Advance that actually plays Japanese Nintendo games”, and “It’s not gay if you’re across state lines.”…I could go on forever here. No dice, Dom!

As for skatemag’s “comeback”. Yikes, that was weak! I was pretty stoked on the picture he found to represent the Triumvirate though.

In other news, Tim is in Milwaukee today trying to fill out his collection of Mold-a-Rama zoo animals. One can only wish him luck on this tough endeavour, especially on locating the ultra rare train one.