Video Roundup….

It seems like there’s been about three new skate videos coming out every week lately. Here’s a quick rundown on the latest few….

Transworld Media – Subtlies: You can pretty much always expect Transworld to make a good video. This one is starring Pat Duffy, Brandon Beibel, Brian Wenning, Kyle Leeper, and Stefan Janowski. Pretty obvious with a line up like that, the odds of the video being good are pretty high. It’s not a let down. Duffy has to be getting up there in the years, but he’s still a savage. The fact that he rode away from his last trick, with basically the worst landing ever is pretty insane. Beibel and Wenning share a part. I like seeing Wenning skate East Coast spots more than the Cali stuff he skates in this, but it was still good. Beibel does about ten different manuals on the pier block. Kyle Leeper’s part really surprised me. I saw his part in the Expedition video, and I thought it was good, but I had no idea that he was this good. Seriously super inventive and interesting skating in this part. This has to be one of the best parts in a long time. Stefan has the last part, and what the shit, he’s skating to Modest Mouse? I think that brings the amount of videos they are in up to 90 now. Besides that, as you can expect, his part is really good. Long lines mixed in with switch handrail and hubba skating. He always looks so comfortable on his board, it’s hard to tell if he’s skating switch or not unless you really pay attention. Mixed in there, is the obvious film montages with a ton of slow motion which some people hate, and some people like.

Landscape Skateboards – Portrait: We have to thank Mr. Mcguire for sending this one over to the mythical land of Madison for Tim to view. Landscape is a British skateboard company, so if you’ve seen any of the Blueprint videos you’ll kind of have an idea of what to expect in here. Actually I thought this was kind of better than the Blueprint videos. The dude with the last part, Olly Todd, is so sick. He has a really good style, but more importantly, an even better trick selection. The spots all these guys skate are so much better than having to see Billy grind that So-Cal rail for the 1000th time again too. You know, actually skating on the street, which seems to be rare lately. I think getting your hands on this one might be pretty tough though, but if you can get it I highly reccomend it.

That’s way too much typing, so we’ll skip the couple other new videos I’ve seen until some other time. Otherwise, Platinum linked to this article on the Slap site which is really good.

This is being torn down right outside my window at work. This is the sort of thing you dream about skating when you are 10.