Nobody likes us Gary, nobody.

Wow, Tim’s last post sure was bitter and full of angst. There is a simple explanation for this. Brats. Yes, back to the almight bratwurst, and Bratgate Day 9. Tim has no sausages. No links, no brats, nothing in an all natural casing. He is getting annoyed, testy, and very hungry! How long he can survive without a link is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure that it’s not long at all. There is light at the end of the tunnel for Tim though, tomorrow is his first pay day from his brand new non Madison but still full of hippies job. He has already allotted 50% of the funds for sausage acquisition. Hope he can make it.

It looks like the bratwurst fever may have spread to me too. I was going to make some hamburgers I had in my fridge, so I walked over to the grocery store to pick up some buns. I’m kind of cheap, so I went to check out what kind of rolls or scones they had in the day old bakery area, but the joke was on me. A very cruel and calculated twist in fate by the bratwurst gods placed the day old right next to the sausage cooler. The second I laid my eyes on those links, I knew I had to make them my own. I walked home, bunless, defeated, but with a pack of brats and a green pepper in tow. Tragedy later struck when several pieces of the green pepper fell into the fiery briscuits below and died a painful and smokey death. Always remember.

With all of this brat news, we’ve been neglecting to mention how Mr. Twister’s lunker over at has been doing. It’s still holding on to the #1 position, but is slowly losing it’s lead over second place. While the Northern in second may be a bigger fish, take a look at how the guy is holding it. He holds it like a mother sheep coddles her newborn baby lamb. I.E. Like a total puss. Now take a gander at how Mr. Twister holds his so proudly, high and mightly, like a true warrior would hold his defeated foe’s head aloft after a brutal bloodfilled battle to the death. Who do you think should be number one? A warrior, or a pathetic weakling? I think you know the answer, vote accordingly.