Phone Calls

I’ve had more phone calls at my desk today from people freaking out about nothing… it’s just crazy. And with Thanksgiving around the corner too. Why can’t people just chill out around the holidays? I don’t get it. Relax people… Frankie Says Relax.

I got a phone call yesterday about a full pipe that needed to be hit up. When it will happen is questionable. but it may be a full on mornin’ mission. I’ll keep you posted.

This is a picture of Zed. I stole it from The Skateboard Mag. Sorry guys. I’ve known Zed and the boys from MPLS for quite some time… they skate real nice like. I believe this is a 50-50 photo of Mr. McCallum as taken by Agroism’s very own Kung-Flurry. I like Zed. Zed seems to have some Beez in him. Zed doesn’t support that cube company anymore… but he still skates like the dickens. Go Zed, GO!

Today’s photo was shot in an abandoned tannery. Little sketchy on the place, but I was with our friend and experienced Urban Explorer Mr. Josh Ellis. Ellis is apparently well versed in the ways of urban exploration and made sure we had a giant flashlight with us “just in case”. I’m talkin’ about one of those 6 D Cell MegaMags… this ain’t your grandma’s flashlight.

Oh Geez… I know it’s a small photo… Click here for a bigger version.

Now stop yet complainin’ and go out and skate… it’s suppose to be good skating weather for a few days. And that ain’t gonna happen for a while after this. I’m secretly praying for the white stuff. Oops… secret is OUT!

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