Pizzychu, Pizzychu – Give Me a Kiss!!

A small tidbit of trivia: my post yesterday was the 666th post on the site – it’s a human number.

The Milwaukee Skateboarding dudes have posted up a new trailer for “We Dislike It Here”. Again, we here at wiskate give these guys two thumbs up. Keep taking it all city!

As if you didn’t know by now, tomorrow, Old Dude Night at Cream City. I’ve heard rumors that some of Tim’s friends from Madison may show up. I’ve also heard that there may or may not be a new playlist in the works. Will it bum you out more or less than the old one? Show up and find out! Dudes 25 years old and older get 25% off at the door.

The Weekend (Continued)
I left off yesterday on Sunday…

I woke up not so early and had Molly model the new sticker job Tim did on my board for me:

It’s kind of hard to see but it includes an Airwalk Tony Hawk sticker and a sparkly “Bratz” sticker. Not bratz like the naturally encased sausages we like to eat, that would be amazing. It’s actually one of those weird, scary big headed dolls. Obviously he succeeded in making my board way less gay. On the right you can see Molly dressed up ready to go into her office job. Her unicorn flask contains her morning herbal tea.

Tim went to work and I met up with Pizzy. The huge crew trend was totally ignored this entire weekend. Three dudes skating on Saturday, and down to two on Sunday. I’m not sure how to feel about that. Anyway, we always end up skating crap that no one in their right mind would ever want to skate, so maybe it’s a good thing no one else was with us. Here’s a picture of me raging at the first spot of the day:

Pizzy had to one up me (like usual), and he took it to the next level:

On the left he took the drop in grind to new heights. This photo was a make. On the right he spits on my love for our country and one ups me with his extreme patriotism (he snuck in four votes for Bush).

We randomly ran into Big Pete and he rolled up to the spot for a few minutes and caught some maneuvers on tape:

Good thing too, because I had just gotten done driving all over the place to get a tape, and it turned out my battery was dead anyway. The fall time is the magic time!

It was the final spot of the day, the golden hour was shining, so Pizzy made it count:

Ollie off the curb cut, over the grass, to wallride on the jersey barrier. Just as he was riding away some wacky lady in a “Dirty South” hockey jersey walked up (you can see her creeping into the frame on the left) and told us if we didn’t get out of there she was going to call the cops. I politely explained that since we were skateboarding on the sidewalk we weren’t doing anything illegal. She had a hard time understanding that, so she said she’d call the police anyway and “it’s on all yall den”. Usually I’ll wait around when someone is so kind to tell us they’re calling the cops, because you know that is the polite thing to do. Sadly, I wanted to get home and eat a frozen pizza so we got out of there.

Photo of the day #22

February 2005. Somehow we had just finished skateboarding outside. In a little city known as Cudahy, to be exact. In fact, it’s the city that Ben Vance grew up in. As we drove down the street he got all excited and said “Turn in here, I used to go here all the time was I was a kid and I need a snack!”.

I was kind of parched too, so I turned into the parking lot of the most random convenience store. I got what I thought was a weird snack of chocolate milk and saltine crackers and went back to the car. We were waiting for Vance for a minute and were sitting there laughing at my stupid purchase. Out of nowhere Vance gets into the car with the most random snack set up ever put together by a human being. It contained: Heineken Keg Can, candy cigarettes, real cigarettes, Beebee Bats, Animal Gum with temporary tattoos inside, a small individually wrapped kit of random vitamins, and some other pieces of candy.

As with anything else with Vance, no one was surprised and when we questioned him why he bought all that crap. He just said “Well, I had to use my debit card and there was a ten dollar limit”. Good enough reason for me.