Pizzychu, Pizzychu – Please Don’t Miss!

Sorry about yesterday. Josh threatened to fire me if I didn’t get my shit together and update like I am supposed to. Its not my fault though and everyone is entitled to call in sick once in a while, right? Well I wasn’t sick, but somedays its just hard to get motivated. I hope Josh believes in the three strikes policy. Otherwise – I’m fucked.

So the weekend was great. I know it’s a bit late, but who cares, I am going to tell you about it anyway.

Friday was a sleeper. Didn’t work, didn’t go to Josh’s art thing and missed out on Stacy’s birthday at the titty bar. What did I do? My girl took me out to dinner and a movie. Dinner was great, but the movie, well let me just say fuck french films. We went and saw The Science of Sleep. I said it before and I will say it again; if I wanted to read, I would stay at home with a good book. Like Josh says, I guess I am a typical american. But when I go to see a movie, I want to SEE the movie. Not read it. Especially a movie like this where the visuals are just as important to the movie as the dialog. Besides all that, the story sucked, and like all french films there was no closure or real ending. Maybe I’m just too stupid to get it. I guess I just like movies jam packed with 80s titties and/or wacky hi-jinx.

Speaking of movies, last night after playing Katamari for a few hours, I couldn’t sleep. So on Josh’s recommendation I put 8 Mile in my dvd player. I thought I would be dreaming of rolling up cows, briefs and giant squid in no time, but Josh was right; 8 Mile was great. It’s a typical underdog movie with alot of curse words and this one really hot girl. Josh made the comparison to The Karate Kid. He was right on. If you haven’t seen it, make it a point to check it out at some point.

Now back to the weekend.

The weather was pretty good on Saturday. Josh took Wonky out for a walk and we headed out when he got back. We met up with Lord Cru at Phase II so Josh and I could set up some new completes for the day (thanks to John McGuire). Vance showed up at the shop but decided that art is more important than shredding, so he went back to Bay View to get faggy.

It was a bit windy, but that didnt hinder our lust for ripping. First spot was some really bad benches, but we had fun anyway. Im pretty convinced our crew could have fun skating anything. We don’t even need a spot. After skating for about a half hour and then answering questions like “can you tre-flip?”, we headed off to our next spot, which just so happend to be the Domes. That spot is wierd but fun. The ledge looks like it should never grind or slide, but it does both, and really well. Lord Cru did some moves and Josh and I took a arty photo. After walking through a field full of goose mines, I ate shit doing the “Big South Side” and just had to laugh it off. My leg looks like someone beat me with a baseball bat. Whatever. After doing this for 20 years, it’s almost abnormal to not have a bruise or scrape or shooting pain somewhere in my body.

After I took myself out, the Lord wanted to get a photo at this one spot, so we headed to the spot and got the photo. Easy as that. We also stopped at that one spot that Josh was talking about with the repaired skate stopper. Very strange.

That night we just sat around, drank energy booze and basically did nothing.

Sunday I worked.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

Here’s Josh, Cru and Vance looking great at Phase II. Too bad Ben couldnt skate with us.

On the left we have Lord Cru getting his picture taken by Josh, while I take a picture of Josh taking his picture. While this was going, on there was a couple of drunkards getting wyld in the parking lot across the street. “I hope you have a great life!” Keep in mind this was at 2:30pm. She was loving the camera.

Finally here is Lord Cru with a back lip right back where we started. Only a few feet where we saw the drunkards. Everything comes full circle and Lord Cru got all the coverage that day.

Until tomorrow………