So by now you guys (and girls?) have to be pretty sick of all the skatepark talk even though it’s probably the best thing to happen to the Milwaukee skateboard scene since the spot ditch was discovered. I have been over there like 3 times since they started and I am never dissapointed with what new things I see. Here’s the problem; I don’t feel like skating anymore. Is that weird? Does it happen to everyone that has been skating for 20 years? And if that’s the case, what do I do now? I guess I have my art. Work is a good distraction too. Is it time for me to just stop and get fat(ter)? If a brand new skatepark can’t get me hyped, it may just be time to call it quits.

It had to happen sometime.

I am moving to a new house! Pretty sweet for me, as I haven’t lived alone for almost 6 years. Maybe more. Unfortunately, I will not be getting internet service over there. That means fewer updates. I will do my best to get to a computer with internet as much as I can though.

Oh, and Lord Cru, keep your head up. Emails are just emails. But cunt is one of my favorite words.