Sick like whoa

Beware, it’s going around. Everyone’s got the cold. I’m just getting over it. Melissa had it, got over and now is back in sick bay. Wash those hands kiddies. Cover your mouths when you cough and sneeze. The rest of us don’t need what ever you got. ‘Tis the season.

In other misled news… yes… Weekend Warriors were here last weekend. And from the looks of it… were blowin’ it up. The Manny Monster looks to be destroyed. I tried to duck on in Friday night and couldn’t get in. I tried to lure in Mr. Twister and Milwaukee Mike to open up the door for me… but alas it was to no avail. Turn down them tunes boys… yer celly been
blowin’ up on Friday night.

Sorry about the mix up on the dates.. I got excited and messed it all up. Oh well. It’s right now. The 23rd is when Lutzka will be at Cream City hangin’ like Mr. Cooper.

Your photo today is from the downtown area… Bank 1. Word. I think it has another name now. Whatevs…