Tom Brokeoff on Location at Jurassic Ledge

San Diego Day 4.

John had off of work and the shred opportunities for the day were wide open as could be.

I believe red curb was awarded second best spot of the trip award. This picture is pretty crappy because my flashes must have gotten all kinds of jostled on the flight and one wouldn’t work at all. I’m sticking to that excuse. Danny Stemper with a feeble to ride in.

I like this guy.

Who cares.

I think these pictures must have been from the night before. Tim and I got to meet the worst Troy ever. That dude sucks. Tim’s expression shows it.

Although that Troy may have sucked, Troy and Rusty got along swimmingly and were busy planning their trip to Mexico.

Rusty is a pretty happy guy.

Tim is not.

I hope someone actually reads that whole thing. I’m done capturing all the footage from the trip, so maybe a video clip sometime soon?