Troy, You Got To Get Wasted, Guy

Day 3 was a rainy day.

The day started off rainy, so we went and wasted some time eating. Here Tim displays our trip notebook containing the fabled TNG fan fiction.

This drawing in a dry cleaner’s window was sick as balls. Stemper needed to get in there and pose with it.

It still wasn’t dry, and we were waiting for John to get off of work, so beer bongs seemed like an alright idea. Danny explained the idea to Tim, and as you can see, Tim looked like he was very interested in Danny’s instruction.

It turns out that Tim isn’t a very good listener. Tim and Danny played pool for awhile after that and I set out to beat the house’s Guitar Hero 2 on the good old expert setting. With only six more songs to go, I got so sick of losing to that stupid ass Stray Cats song that I called it quits. Sorry video game gods.

Turns out John had to stay at work for awhile longer, so we went to eat with one of John’s roomates David. He took us to Hensley’s bar and grill. No ground breaking no comply sightings, but tons of knee high sock sightings.

After eating we went over to Black Box to check out some sort of Active contest or some such. All I know is that people were hucking like crazy and that there were free skittles there. This is where it was discovered that Skittle’s + Coors Light is one hell of a delectable combo.

I think after this we went home and drank more beer or something like that. I can’t remember.

Song of the trip! Drawing by John McGuire while high on beer.