Touch Me.

Well, no one wrote in with a review of that amazing Zelda video clip I linked to yesterday. Maybe I’ve overestimated our remaining readership. I haven’t looked at the site’s visitor stats in quite some time. I know this is all quite interesting to you all. Quite. Anyway, that video has a hilarious backstory, which I guess I will not relate right now.

Am I supposed to be talking about skateboarding on here? I guess I can try. I haven’t seen any new videos or anything, so I don’t think I can go anywhere with that. But I have actually been skating a lot. That brings me back to the ever so popular topic of Cream City Skatepark, because that’s the only place I’ve been skating. I might go so far as to say 75% done? Total wild ass guess, but things are really coming together. A lot of people were there last night skating, even Tim. One of the final main sections is almost done, and last night was the first night it was able to be utilized. It really ties everything together. Super good flow, no back and forth quarterpipe, jump, quarterpipe bullshit. You can hit a large number of options any which way you decide to go, and then just keep going with it. Everything is linked, but you can hit it all in an unlimited number of ways. Great set up.

New development!!

Now I’m past the part that 98% of you care nothing about, here’s a link to some super old internet cartoons, but they are basically genius. House of Cosbys!

I will give a pack of Hubba Bubba and a slap to the face to anyone that can beat my high score on Galaga. Level 113. 1,175,480 pts.

Otherwise, gallery show tonight. Madison. Be there. Or you get a pack of Hubba Bubba and a smack to the face.