Upload Your DHV Spike

One of our friends from San Diego, David McSween, sent over this clip he put together with some of our friends and acquaintances from that part of the USA. It features the skateboarding talents of John Rattray, Chad Bartie, Frecks, Mike Fitzgerald, Greg Robinson, Kyle Leeper, Danny Stemper, John McGuire, David McSween, Rygar, Phoenix Josh, Peter Watkins, and Joe Pease. Check out Whale’s Vagina 01.

I’ve also added a new section to the site where I’ve sort of organized all the skate photos that have been on the main page in the last year or so. With the current set up things just kind of are done for after they’ve left the main page, but this way people will be able to check out everyone’s skateboarding maneuvers in the future in any way they see fit. Wiskate.com skateboarding photo archive.

Don’t forget to escalate your kino.